Monday, April 25

Days After Parting

25 April, 4 days after the leaving of KMM

Hmm..A question to myself..What have I did ?
The answer is....NOTHING
Rotten life comes again, history is repeating, same as days after SPM
Sleep at 3am, wake up at the time the sun is directly above me
Skipping breakfast like skipping classes
Sit on chair with elephant gum in front of laptop
With Facebook as my best friend

The only meaningful things that I did are
Hanging with all my old friends in mamak till late midnite ( It's a type of gathering actually hehe)
And bring jihxian to eat the food with pig and oil (lol the most famous food in my hometown)

Time really has a damn awesome speed (Just slower than light I guess >.<)
Just woke up from sweet dream, and immediately switch on laptop and then followed by Internet, look at the clock, it's 7pm already...the end of one day again = =

I know , I can't be like that already, CAN'T !!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm..but...what can I do?
Work ? No idea bout it, I don't really want to be those promoters and sales again
Some of my friends suggest me to be a teacher, hmm...I don't want the main character of kid abuse cases on newspaper become myself = =
I hope to find some job related to the field that I want to study, Law Firm?lol...even work as a clerk there also requires years of experiences...Sigh~
Travel ? Hmm...I need some buddy...but most of my friends in Klang are fighting hard for their exams...
Bird Gang? don't know wth they put the trip on June = =

Interviews !!!
UKM is calling me, I hope to get call from UM too
Recently found that lots of people are actually applying law too, and some of them don't really look like person who will apply law ( maybe they like low profile lol )
Suddenly feel that I am bit exaggerating, I think everyone of my friends know I want to be a lawyer..Is it that good? or should I be low profile too? Hmm >.<
The only thing I can do now is, prepare for the interviews
Brush up my speaking, and make myself up to date to all the news feeds

Worries here come again to me, how competitive the seats in UM are
I know , I must be confident to myself
I believe, I can.
No Worries ! =)

P/S : Good Luck to those who going for interviews in all local unis and those who are going for their exams~

Lets jump to our prosperous future !

Sunday, April 24

~Au Revoir~

20th April 2011
Finally , the story comes to an end
I, have to leave
We, have to leave

One year ago, destiny brought me to here
Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka, a place that I thought I will not be staying long, a place that I thought I will hate and leave it
Once upon a time, I'm so desperate looking for JPA to help me, even I've thought to choose Form 6 to save me out from here
Luckily, I didn't.

A year time changed everything much
From unfamiliar to familiar
From doubtful to clear
From disgusting to love
Even for myself, I've became more independent and mature

I have uncountable memories here, JPP..A failed pesta..A Day To Remember..and so on~
I met lot of awesome people here, all with great talent and intelligence
I found my best ever gang here, Bird Gang

After this, my life will have lot of things missing suddenly
No more Cafe C nasi lemak and Cafe B roti kosong
No more sharing beds in Budget Hotel
No more throwing flours and water to birthday boy
No more ponteng in kuliah and calling peers to sign for us

Time isn't allowing us to continue
Time is forcing us to say goodbye

Glad that I am home again
But more sad that I have to leave this place

For sure, I will be missing here
Everyone in here
Every moment in here
Even the air and grass in here

Million of thanks to everyone who has helped me for the whole year
Sorry to everyone if I did something unpleasant
Glad and nice to meet you guys

Goodbye, all my friends
Goodbye, Bird Gang
Goodbye, KMM

It's the end of one of the colorful chapter in my life
However, I believe
It's not the end.

Saturday, April 16


EXAMINATION , a period that i love, but hate too~

Love >>> It's time to test my ability and what I have learnt, can gain much satisfaction also when you get an excellent results
Hate >>> Hmm...our greatest rival >>> LAZINESS ( lazy to study)

Time to have a short break, after a threatening study week
Passed 3 subjects, left Chemistry in the next week
Again, as usual, repeatedly, did some silly mistakes in exam
Wondering, why can't i do perfect in a exam like those genius? once also can't ! Grr....

Broke my personal record at the night before Physics paper, i slept only half an hour for the whole night !
Haiz....because of hugging buddha's legs...
Why? Because I have not pay enough effort before that....
The lecture already in Chapter 31 while I am still in Chapter 24....feel guilty about that...

Anyway, Life is not just about studies ! Getting a bad result ( in case) is not the end of the world....we still have lots of wonderful stuff in this world yet to let us conquer =)

Good Luck to all matriculation students, let us enjoy the last paper, and strive for the best =)


P.S : It's getting nearer and nearer to the last day =(