Tuesday, June 28


Today , in a sudden , my team leader revealed my SPM results in front of everyone (I don't know how she get to know about that)..and then all my colleagues replied in shock expressions =.=

Is that result really that good ? only for some people I think..there're lot of people who are better than me..for them that is just a bullshit >.<

Then one of my colleague threw one question to me :
You got such result..then why are you still here ? aren't you apply for any scholarship and go overseas for further study ?

Why ? WHY ?
Ya..I also don't know what will be the answer for the "Why"..

In my memories during childhood..old folks always tell us that we need to study hard..then get scholarships..then go overseas to study..
That time I'm really naive...I thought what they said was right..and will come easily with hard effort
But reality is always such cruel.
It isn't.
Same as many others, I've been dreaming to study in overseas.
And it's still a dream.

Recently , I've seen so many reports and texts that convinced me to reject the JPA PIDN again ~
Again, time to make a hard decision.
What should I do ?
If i reject , I've to pay back the rm2500 (Long Story)
Maybe I work so hard just to compensate JPA..funny ? =.=

Anyway , everything has to be kept in view
All depend on the UPU result..
When will it be announced ? Nobody knows. But mostly in July. Getting more impatient.
Will I get what I want ? What if I didn't get ?
I don't know.
But I really need it.
Keep my finger crossing =X

Wednesday, June 22



转眼间 (又是这个词,那么老土,但总是那么地贴切)
问我做的如何? 还不错吧(特别是薪水 ^^)



爸,父亲节快乐 :)

今天, 无意中和一个同事谈到关于他的家庭




Monday, June 20

Reunion :) & Parting :(

Two week had been passed after I came back from Alor Star. Finally I've time to blog about this.

It's our trip ! A Bird Trip from Bird Gang.
Start from Melaka , end in Alor Star.

About the details of the trip , I'm not going to talk here , cause they will be staying in my heart, and my memories gallery forever =)

Still vividly remember on 28 of May , I woke up early in the morning, about 5am. Took KTM alone from Bukit Badak to BTS. From that moment , we are reunited again. Started by meeting How , then Jason , Justin , Andrew, Ongpek , Chun Wei , Gxian , Peng and finally Tze Wei.

I was really happy to see everyone again, and enjoy every moment in this trip . And feel like really amazing , with a total spending of rm440, and 9 days 8 nights, we've been travel for almost the whole West Malaysia , been 5 places , crossing 6 states.

Everyone still the same. The bird-ness of bird gang never lost , we bang-ed a smart tag tiang in klang , like crazy people singing 'Red Dragonfly' in the paddy field , curi masuk into Pusat Sains without paying for the ticket, celebrate birthday in a KoPiTiam, play laser-tag like a bunch of kids, ongpek search for jackpot everywhere, and we got a YengZai born in this trip and many many more.

And I enjoy the moment at paddy field in Alor Star the most..I felt like found back the moment we doing crazy and stupid things together :)

And again , for sure , there's quarrel and fight in our trip again, although we've promised not to do that. During hiking in Penang , and in Straits Quay~haha..agree with what How said, our gang have too many leaders , that's why we always quarrel and fight..everyone has his own principles and stands~

Guess what , I almost cry during leaving from Alor Star, I just keep controlling myself.
Agree with what Jason said , although I'm not gay , but I really love you guys !

After this , sad that we are parting again..I don't know when will we meet again..our "long distance relationship"..haha >.<
But for sure , We are brothers forever !

Bird Gang Rocks ! :)

We love Jumping !

Telephone Episod III..hahax..

Souvenirs bought in Kek Lok Si for parents & 5A 09 :)