Wednesday, August 24

Craps before Honeymoon Ends

Countdown 10 more days to the life in pursuing square hat.

Surprisingly, our prolonged holidays are coming to an end.
4 months plus 10 days, not too long, but definitely not short too.

What I did ? A quick review here.
Emo-ed after the graduation of matric, found a job of telephone and credit cards, a bird trip from melaka to alor star, famine 30, pulau ketam, bought a camera..etc..
and of course some Main and Must activities in my daily life..Dota, badminton..sing football at mamak..haha

And i will never forget the heart-rending day, 15th of July.
Hmm..indeed a nice holiday..i'm contented..but just there's still an imperfection
or I've to say, it's a failure.

The moment when holidays are ending, and school is opening, is always such special..the feeling never change, no matter during primary schooling time, or even till now.
Yes, going to study in our renown and oldest university in Malaysia, UM.
Gonna part with all my old friends again, gonna meet a bunch of new people, gonna adapt myself to the new environment again.
I don't really like to do so, I rather stick with my old close frens..but I know I've to.

Okay, 10 more days, what to do?
Normally most of the people will say : I will enjoy the rest of the days to the max !
Lol..I wish I can say so too..
Initially wanna go Parit Buntar..but cancelled (gonna screw them !
What I wish to do now, is just walk around with my camera, just point, and shoot ! hehe

10 more days, bye bye holidays !
Here I come UM !

Monday, August 15

Regards to Datuk :)

Again, the outcome was totally same as Asian Game last year..or even the Beijing Olympic three years ago.
Yes, sad to hear that again.
When the shuttlecock clashed with the net, the hearts of all Malaysians broke.
A very few secs determined everything, he disappointed 27.5 millions of people again.

However, the process was totally different. Or I've to say, it was awesome.
Compared to the past few times, he changed alot.
From the thorough lost in Beijing until the undifferentiated lost in London today.
Not only for the technical skills, but more happy to see that he has developed a strong mentality.

Agree to one of my friends, the measure of achievement is not in winning awards.
Yes, the truth is, he lost. But, he lost nothing actually.
The only difference between them, is only the hand-preferred.
Luck and faith play an important role.

Some may be frustrated. Why is the history keep repeating ?
Quote from the advice I got from my friends during UPU announcement, everything happens with a reason, have faith.
He did the best. He deserves the applause and compliments from everyone.

Thank you, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
You've entertained us alot with your decent and impressive performance.
I am confident that Negaraku will be played in London next year.
All the best ! Salute :)

P.S : I think he's the only person, that made my facebook's top news were all about him..haha

The Moment in London Olympics 2012(foresee-ing..hehe)

Saturday, August 13

Famine 30 饥饿三十

Finally, I took part in this reknown camp, although I've been hearing of it for nearly a decade
Thanks to Jia Ying, abo I will still be knowing it only without participation :)

A 2 days 1 night camp, what I can say is, Perfect..indeed..
I enjoyed everything in this camp.
We joined the camp at Klang, at Klang Buddhist Association
With some 'pakat'..all birds and swans were being grouped to a group..with few other new members...and our group name is 'Sailormoon'..haha
We have the best slogan ! Thanks to Chun Wei
我要Pizza Hut.......不可以!
坚持饥饿到底..Ohhh Yeshhh !

The Family game was very nice...with one papa one mama and one child in each's damn hard to survive...I get the role of mama =.+...was tied with a girl(my daughter) all the time XD..but at the end she stil died at round 4 =.+

And the group station games (i enjoyed this the most)..among 10 stages..our sailormoon group won for 9 ! haha..we are too PRO..XD..that's why we won the award of 最佳积极组 at the end :D
The night concert was awesome, with harmonica show..break dance..singing..etc...and few artists came...btw i dono who are they

The next day in bukit jalil countdown for the last 4 hours..a very huge concert..with lot of stars attending..Sharizat(our minister)..Ah Niu..Yu Heng..Danny..Daniel Lee..and many more..
And met lot of people there..from other Bella..Hui Wen..Weng Loon senior
And oso volunteers like Peik Lai..Kok Chye...Stephy..haha

We really experienced what a poor experiencing,
With no food within 30 water supply in the camp site(they bluff us Bekalan Air terputus, actually they closed it =.+)..and sleep at the coridor publicly at night ~

And we had been taught alot about the poverty and poor of children in some less-developed countries , such as Myanmar, Laos..Africa..etc
Maybe only one meal within a week, drink yellowish water everyday, and they have no toilet..they have to excrete in the grass outside their houses..
That's their pity they are..
And How lucky we are..we are having everything..but yet there are still people who're complaining and not be contented yet..
Seriously..we must do something..they need our help..every single life is precious..

Fasted for 30 hours...hmm...I felt nothing actually, if compared to those kids who don't have food at all..
And we were keep drinking soya milk all the time..haha..fobia to soya already after this..(maybe drank 7-8 packets for whole camp)

Before joining this camp, I've heard someone saying that : Which stupid pays money to fast for 30 hours ?
Lol..funny..I've to say, the real idiot, is the one who is saying that..
We pay money, to donate to the poors, to help them
We fast, to show our determination, and to feel what they are feeling all the time
Much better than those who didn't action at all :D

At the end, I'm really very happy and feel appreciate to join this camp
This is one of the best activity I've joined !
Will join again next time ! :D

孩要健康,就是现在 !

9000 people in Bukit Jalil Stadium

Hunger for health !

Harmonica show..i like this the most !

最佳积极组..The most active group award :D

Friday, August 12

End of The Life with Phones :(

29th July 2011
Officially, I ended my career as a Marketing Executive (ME) in Teledirect Telecommerce Pte. Ltd.

3 months ago, simply surfing in, and simply clicking few jobs without studying much details (tikam only..haha)
And dramatically, I got a chance for interview, and then get hired.
Never thought i will work for such job in my life..sometime destiny and luck are really fishy XD

Start from that moment, my hectic lifestyle started.
I have to wake up at 6.30am everyday
Take ride on the BEST transportation in Malaysia >>> KTM
and went back home late at night..
And really live like a typical white collar, wearing formal everyday

My task ? sell credit cards from Public Bank to customers through phones !
My first impression was : OMG..isit posible for customer to commit such thing through a phone call only?

After a few weeks..I found the answer is, YES.
Practice makes perfect.
Faced lots of problems at first, some customers will hang up the call directly when they heard CREDIT CARD , some even will scold us and say that we are….CHEATER !!!! sad..
As time passed, as experience gained, I am getting more professional , no matter in what language, and to tackle the customers' objections :)

" Hello, may I speak to Mr/Miss XXX ? My name is Allen , I'm appointed by Public Bank to call Sir/Madam today regarding the priority invitation of Public Bank Credit Card."
This was my typical opening script. Haha.

Through this job..I found the difficulties of being a telemarketer..
I found that most of the people always complain telemarketer calls, some even insult the telemarketer and scold them..(and I have such thinking too before I work for this job)
I understand, maybe sometime we are annoying, but we just did what we suppose to do, that's our responsibility
If you are not interested, pls reject politely, pls respect us.

The Pay ? I've to's very very good for school leavers like us to earn money during holidays..
Not only for the basic salary..also for the comission
If I've the chance..I will go back this company again..haha

Again, time flies.
Cruel, always have to leave somewhere or something when I'm starting to love it..
I've learnt alot in these 3 months.
Sales tactics, communication skills, teamwork and cooperation with colleague, knowledge regarding credit card and insurance and many many more...
I love my campaign , PB Cards
Enjoy working with all my lovely colleagues..they are very kind and funny..
And my team leader, Kak Azura, I will vote her as the best leader in the company~

Bye Teledirect !
Bye PB Cards !
Bye KTM !
Bye my cute colleagues and teammates !
I will miss you all ~

P.S. :
Well, the end of the journey in earning money
What's next ?
Of course, time to spend money ! ^^
Bought my first DSLR, going to hunt for my first smartphone also..haha !

P.S. 2 :
I've left my blog quite a time..finally i'm back..though it's bit late..hehe :)

Top Sales for the month of June *Proud* XD

Teledirect Telecommerce

My team..PB Cards ! :)

My name tag(ignore the ugly face, coz of the stupid photographer ><)