Tuesday, September 27

Miracle :)

"Nak tukar ke law kan ? dah berjaya laaa..."

Stunned. The staff told me this.
Yes, hereby I announce, I'm officially a Law student of University of Malaya !

No more calculator and numbers in my life !
Is this a dream ? I can't believe it !!
I've tried so many times before but it never succeed, and almost death of hope when my first appeal was failed, but suddenly it drops on my hand from the sky.

Thank god. Thanks everyone.
I've too many people to thank to.
Senior who taught me how to appeal.
Peeps that always comfort and encourage me not to give up, and of course my parents.
It's lucky to have you all.

I am really very very very happy..joyful..relieve..i can't use words to describe my feeling. I wanna share this with everyone !
It proves a theory, life is just like a maze, you will not know where you are going to, but as long as you are determined enough to continue, you will find out the way.
The best will be left for the one who is willing to stay till the end.

Everything happens with a reason, and finally i found the reason. :)
26/9/2011- A day to be remembered.

Thursday, September 22

A Huge Obstacle

Joined UM English Debate Club (Accidentally ?!)

Yesterday was the first meeting.
Guess what, there are around 10+ juniors..almost everyone of them are english-educated. And many law students !
Yes, everyone was speaking..bla bla bla..u can't heard of a single chinese or malay word.
GG..I found that it isn't easy to survive in such atmosphere.
I have been living in chinese community for 19 years !

I'll be facing such condition for the following weeks and months
Sense of inferior !!! Help !!!

Saturday, September 17

Certified, dead.

Dukacita, permohonan anda tidak berjaya.

Lmao, the only sentence that has shown on the screen after I key in my identity card number.
They don't even attach with some details.

At the end, I'm still the one that not being chosen.

Not meeting requirement?
4 flat, Band 5, koko 90 marks..Anything I did wrong?
Yes, who call me apply matrics science? sendiri cari pasal.

Saw a fren successfully changed from Econs to Law.
He's from STPM, it explains all.

The end of story.
Let's stick with calculator for a year.

P/S : Met a girl who wan to change from Law to Econs, she said she put Law wrongly as 1st choice.
HAHAHA..WRONGLY. Seriously, I wanna kill such person.


Late at the midnight..just come up here to write some crap stories

Start with my passed orientation week
Everyday with only 3-4 hours of sleeping.
Slept at 2am..but woke up at 4-5am
Full of punishments(pumping frog-jumping etc) furthermore if we were late for meetings
Most of the seniors were acting fierce and strict, to make themselves respectful
Here comes the interesting part..all the valuable belongings were confiscated !!
Yes, including handphone..OMG..can't do anything without that, damn.

Behind the bitters, there were sweet and funny moments too
Enjoyed doing the cheers all the time..each college with their unique cheers..like fighting for dignity for each other
Met and made lot of new frens, learnt alot of new dances, participated in debate and etc.
It was seven days of hell life, but it was the unique and memorable one :)

Okay, start of engineering life.
Don't really like it.
Perhaps time will do.

Paid a visit to ukm KL campus today.
Looks small, but the environment is better than Um in my opinion..
Saw all the familiar faces again..It's really glad to meet the old friends again
I miss KMM's stories ><

Watched Nasi Lemak 2.0 today.
It isn't that awesome as what the comments of public..maybe I've paid too high of expectation
By the way...it's still a very good Malaysia production movie
Goodjob Namewee !!

P/S : I really don't understand, why is it seniority(the hierarchy system) so strong in the university while some seniors are just one year older than us? why can't they just be our normal friends and live harmonically together? grr...I hate it

Sunday, September 4

The Distance of 32.4km

Few more hours, I'll move.
Move to a place that's just 32.4km away from my house, journey of 30 minutes only if traffic jams flee away.

It's almost nothing compared to the Malacca last year.
But the feeling doesn't change.
Can't be explained by words and phrases.
Perhaps it's the reluctance of leaving home, or even can't accept the truth that holidays are ended.

It indicates the end of matriculation story too, and start of separation with my matrics friends
Good luck and all the best to them.

Meditated and imagined a lot about my future life there.
Afraid, to find new friends, to make adaption to new environment again.
Hope that I can meet wonderful people and things there.

I must, and I'll make my few years of life there as one of my best life chapter !!!