Friday, March 30

Sneak Peak !

Finally I am here. Back to my little corner. After I left it for 2 months.
My Blog : Why you no come here? Haha.

End of the first half of Semester 2. Gosh, time can you don't be so fast and hasty k?
Life are hard and challenging as usual. Failures always bump to you even though you tried very hard to avoid them.
As usual, my life can only be defined with one word, Busy.
A lot of doubts and questions surround me again.
What to do? I just want to have a best life in here. =)

End of the interview of Vice President.
AIESEC, a subject that I value the most now, even more than studies.
Did badly in the interview. Why? No excuses.
Miracle may happen (Please !)
If not, Director loh... >.<

What's next? Holidays ! Yahoo..but just 7 days. It ends in a blink of eyes.
Arghh...feel like want to alot alot alot of things but don't have alot alot alot of time.
Battery low. 7 Days will a great period for recharging.

Still far to go. Very far.
Run faster, run more.