Saturday, April 7

Little Changes, Big Differences

Month of April. It's almost the end of another chapter of KMM. Saw all the juniors had fun and great memories all over the year again. Watched the flashback video, which always becomes great reflection of everyone, and generates tears. It's really glad to see they united together, and even did better than what we did before. Especially Pesta 1 Malaysia. They accomplished what we couldn't realise last year.

I am really happy and proud of them. But the feeling is coming back again. Guilty and regretful. I personally always feel very disappointed on our batch. We weren't united enough, in truth a lot of us aren't friends at all even until the last day. Why? I don't really know the real causes.

I believe that a great event can bring everyone together, and all of us will share mutual memories after that.
Yes. We had A Day to Remember. But it wasn't enough.

I am really regret. Why I didn't foresee the importance of it. Why I can't just be more determined. Why I can't be more capable. Why I was so freaking useless.
I actually destroyed the happiness of everyone.
We lost the chance to get further happiness.We lost the chance to get united.

Sorry. I am really sorry.

Tuesday, April 3

V.I.P. in My Life :)

Question : What's so special?
Laymen Answer : Happy April Fool !
My Answer : Happy Anniversary !

Anniversary ? Am I married?
Nono. Let's start grandmother's story.

Long long ago, there was a few stupid guys, staying near to each other, beside, upstairs and downstairs, or another building.
When they first meet each other, they didn't expect everyone will be so important for each other then.
Even some don't have good impressions on some.
But things happen in uncontrolled manners.
Due to the similarities of possessing stupid minds, they start to do stupid things together.
They always have happy and crazy moment, with syok-sendiri spirit of course.

However, as time passed, they get a little bit bored.
Nature of human, they are lacking of feminine subjects.
Fortunately, they met a group of dumb girls finally, who are willing to join them despite their stupidness.
Therefore, a group called Bird & Swan Gang was established, right in April Fool. Haha.

So fast, one year passed. It is our anniversary.
Unlike what happened last year, we aren't BBQ-ing happily anymore.
Everyone is striving so hard for their life in different journeys respectively.
But then, proudly saying, our bond is still very strong, thanks to Facebook :D
But when can we have a grand meet again? :(

When I hardly find any close or true friends nowadays due to the big population, I always think about you all.
I always tell myself : I still have this group of die-hard friends at the back of me.
I love you all. Friendship Forever.
Happy Anniversary my dear birds and swans ! :)