Wednesday, June 13

Someone that is missing for a long time.

While I was brain-smoking with my contracts acts, a thought suddenly came to my mind.
I went back to read my old blog posts.

I was really impressed.
Read through what I've posted last year, especially around July until September.
I was such an innocent boy, who just wanted to study law, so simply and faithfully.
I almost forgot that I had such a huge determination before.
I miss who I was that time, a never-give-up me.

People tend to lose focus when things aren't going on well.
That's why we need some energiser.
Recall, reflect, revise.

I will be back. I am still, me.

Sunday, June 3

Horror Season

Step in month of June, the last month for the first half of 2012.
Write less and less here. I wish I could have written at least once per month.
But sorry. I have so many feelings and ideas to share here, but I don't have the time to construct.
I still care my blog, my virtual home,  a lot.

Always enjoy writing here with the accompany of instrumental musics, especially from the legend Yiruma.
So, what's the topic today? I have damn lot experiences and stories that happened in past few months to share here, but let's skip further now. Huhu, the biggest yet thrilling enemies, FINAL EXAMS ! =_=
After the shitty first semester with damn freaking rubbish results.
Now I have a huge burden on my shoulder : I must do at least better for this sem.
But the truth is, not easy. Seriously, hard.
Seems like I lost the ability to score in exams, lost the ability to concentrate on dull theories on books. I don't know why. Perhaps I've changed. Not a bookworm anymore.

Suddenly saw this article again today.
Eveytime reading this also makes me feel like raising all hands and legs. What are important? Skills & experiences man. Certificates & results are just assisting factors. BUT! No way. We still have to satisfy the requirement of laymen in this materialistic world. A lot of them still see and read your academic achievement deadly only.

So, study hard !!! (Even when you are forced to study some theoritically useless university courses, Hubungan Etnik, Tamadun Islam & Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawan).

P.S. : Anticipating my coming holidays, seems like there are lot of interesting stuff coming up (NATCON, Famine 30, an old friend flying India, an another old friend coming back, and a community service projects in Penang, Yay ! )