Saturday, July 14


UPU is out again! But this time juniors are the main characters. It always sounds exciting for those who got what they want, and heart-breaking for vice versa. Few of them got UM law. Especially a girl who studied science in matrics. So happy for her. Thank god. She made it, luckily not following what I've experienced last year. I won't say it's a totally bad experience, but it was definitely not easy.

It reminded me. 1 year passed. So quick. We've grown up, grown further, grown older. Still vividly remember the remorse feeling that time. And the cannot-be-described moment when I succeeded at the end.

Went Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS) today. A lot of renown and respectful speakers came today. Received some inputs, but it wasn't that useful. Sessions were little bit dry and monotonous. Anticipating the hard-talk of Nazri tomorrow. I think it will be an interesting one.

Meeting lots and lots of people nowadays. Especially after I stepped into uni life. Realised that this world is really consists of all different types of people. In malay, means 'Apa orang pun ada'. Kind, selfish, self-centered, caring, ego, etc. And it made me understand, the reality of this world.

Don't know why. Start to have little bit fobia to socialise with people.
Why? I know it's definitely not a good sign. But it's just like locating a huge wall in front me.
Psychological Crisis.

Thursday, July 12

What Happened in the Seventh Month

Back to home. Slept for 15 hours.
Tiring is not a good enough adjective to describe my condition.

Euro 2012 marked an end.
Three lions, as usual, disappointed us again.
But Steven Gerrard never makes us sad. He still demonstrates what he is, always.
Azzuri, very near, one more step, only.
Pirlo, master, Picasso on the green field.

Survived a 10days mentality-fighting war. World War III.
Planning, socialising and critical thinking marathon.
Despite million of inputs, I felt lost.
And I am really lost.
What to do, I don't know. I really don't know.
I need to find the 'why'.
I lost my Why.

After long hide and seek, finally I dare to face my results.
Great one, I leaped quite far away, from mud soil to green grasses.
I wanna shout : YES !!!
A little bit unexpected, but thankful and delighted.
I will achieve more.