Monday, December 17


1.56pm at Law Library. Such a dead and sombre atmosphere.
Don't know where comes the emotional feelings and deep thought.
Decide to throw the books, and visit here :)

Everyone has a big big dream in his or her deep side of heart.
We all want to achieve something. Something that makes us feel happy.
Something that defines our life.

Most of the time it ends up with unhappy endings.
The world forces us to shake our head.
Fearful, shameful, awkward.

I don't want to be another victim of reality.
Dreams, will not be dreams. One day.

Saturday, December 1

If I am a Butterfly.

An expired blog. I left here for months.

Thousands in wishlist, millions in to-do-list.
If I am a butterfly, I am definitely a pupa now.
Hibernating to gear up,
Or actually running away from reality?

Hearing, listening. I am going out from here soon.
As long as you have dreams in your heart.
Adult butterfly, when is your turn?