Sunday, June 9

The Big Three

I posted this in Facebook before but I would really want to mention it again, also for recording purposes.

Three most important values in life, for me.

First, humble.
A Chinese idiom said, when you have the skills/ability/knowledge, showing off is just a wasting of resources, because it happens naturally.
Always hold a genuine belief in your heart that your values will be recognised and discovered by others when you really possess it.
When communicate with people, you don't need to tell people about your strengths or all the 'so proud of you' moments expressly.
You don't need to cover your weaknesses with all excuses or lies. You know where you are. Why so scare of facing your failure or weaknesses?
Just be honest and show the most honest side of you. Your face doesn't worth single sen though.
You don't have to care how people see you. Because they just see you as yourself, if you portray yourself honestly.
Be receptive, you are not center of the universe, but just a small dot in the ecosystem. Accept people and their standards, letting go your ego and be humble! =)

Second, positive.
We always say, don't worry, be happy.
But the truth is, our heart is so weak. When we face difficulties or challenges or problems, we really feel astonished and start thinking on the bad side. You just can't control it. This is human nature.
Always have such monologue, 'Why not? I can'.
Yes, we always see the inspirational quotes in social media, everything is just start from believing, start from a belief.
Do not deny any single possibility. Never try never know.
It doesn't even harm you if you failed after trying. Life's a marathon. Why so scare of failing now? It makes a better you.
You still have second chance as long as you haven't step into coffin.
Be brave, be bold, be positive! =)

Lastly, hardworking.
I put this as the last because I couldn't emphasis much how important this value is to add on the two aforementioned.
Talk is cheap. Don't be NATO (No Action Talk Only).
This is indeed what we as the Gen Y need the most.
Don't be too easily satisfied, then you will stop everything. Start to be lazy, start to give yourself excuses and reasons that you will feel valid.
Always ask for more. Work more, you gain more.
Do not care how much effort you pay, because living your life hard everyday is the essence.
At the end, no one cares how many ideas you have, they care how much that you have executed.

So let's live our life hard. Live out loud!