Sunday, February 15


"Have you fully accepted your past failure?"

"When was the last time that you felt truly happy?'
"Ask yourself, you have no achievement at all?"
"Failures or Challenges, which one you afraid?"
"Experience or result, which one?"
"Are there anyone who blamed you?"
"How do you feel if people are telling you that you did well?"

"Can you move on?"
"What practical steps did you take?"
"Do you agree with me that letting go of your failure is a choice?"
"Can you accept to restart again by taking baby steps?"

"One conclusion, your ego damn high, you kiasu."
"You are timid, you don't take practical steps to change"
"You care about your people, your feel your responsibility, then own it lah please. Own your promise, make your promise happened. If you don't, then blame yourself, that simple."
"I strongly doubt on your decision making skills."
"You need to start from yourself first. You did not be a role model in the past, you give up when you can continue, you were telling people that they can do the same as well. And then after that you also did not be a role model to overcome your past."

"Nothing wrong with ego, you can utilise it as a strength."
"A lot of people couldn't experience that much failure as you, you are rare species"
"Don't put yourself in the center of ecosystem."
"Talk to your team, admit your failure"
"Edison failed 999 times."
"Happiness is actually a choice."

"Do not take that as a step to redeem your failure, you will repeat the same thing all over again"
"Have a look at the people around you, there are people who can't even do basic calculation, addition, division. You are already above average"
"You must be a full A's student experiencing success in the past, it must be your first time experiencing such failure that's why you can't accept it"

"You need to appreciate your progress."
"One term doesn't mean anything, one good term can inherit another bad term. One year is too short to say anything. It's not only about you, it's about the team. There are people who are much more successful outside"
"Imagine a kid come to you and tell you, I failed as a president of Scout, you will just laugh over it right?"
"You can pursue and achieve a few things at the sometime. Don't listen to other people, don't compromise. Just achieve it."

I never expect the 2nd meeting to be like this.
I never know I gripped the past that hard.

Ironic, so ironic. I was telling people to accept failure, but I was the one who never accept it and never forgive myself.
I do not expect all these to be the solution. But all of these are wake up calls.
Thank you, thank you so much.

"Have you fully accepted your past failure?"
I will, and I must.