Saturday, May 23



My personal wonders

Number one.
So many Malaysians are so ignorant and culturally not sensitive.
Living in this country for decades yet do not know how to call Chinese names appropriately?
Worse is they don't even try, they opt for the easier one, they only call the Malay names and the so-called 'Christian' name (It's just an English name anyway).

Number two.
Every single task every single piece of work every single system has its own rules of game.
And all of them can be hacked. There is always one way to hack it and win it.
At the end, be smart and aim for the tactical victory first, but remember at the same time maintain you own purposes and values.
They are equally important. Cant rank one over another.

Number three.
No matter how well the current world and the 21st century has developed on the concept of free speech, democracy, human rights and etc, there won't be any absolute democracy.
No flat hierarchy, no complete equality. 
The prey will forever be afraid of the predator.
The fear towards the powerful ones will always remain.
Humans love to succumb, love to run away. 
Humans afraid to confront.
Because the powerful has power to do anything.

Number four.
"Malaysians are guilty of complacency. Blessings? Better? Better than who? I don't want us to be just better than Zimbabwe."
Nothing wrong to continue talk cock sing song on how good Malaysian food are, how awesome Malaysian places or traditions are.
But your choice of being silent or inaction towards the prominent political and social issues can be a no lesser sins than the act of directly harming the nation.

"We don't love each other, but at least we don't kill each other."
A statement to feel blessed about? 
A student should never feel happy or contented for getting a mere pass when he or she can score flying colours.

Low, very low on awareness.
Those who are aware of doesn't take actions.
Shallow, we don't stumble upon the words 'solution-oriented' and 'action-oriented' in our dictionaries or thesaurus. 

Self Interview

Why would people hate you?
People hate me for not giving enough time to spend with them.

What kind of people you hate?
People who don't work hard or go extra miles for what they want to pursue. People who don't strive for excellence.

What is/are the thing(s) that you afraid the most?
I afraid people around me don't understand what I am doing and why I am doing what I am doing.

What you hope for the most?
I hope for empathy. I hope for understanding.

Sunday, May 10


      How are you? How was your last two months of university life? How was your trip to Cambodia? It must be really really tough, but I know you went through it beautifully.

      You have become a much happier person, enjoying and living at your current moment of life. You are now no longer craving for success and achievements, you are now no longer looking for results as a proof of your worthiness, you no longer feel unsatisfied and regret on your past experiences.

      You are able to do things slowly, step by step. You focus, indulge and enjoy every process in every single thing that you do. You love the present, you love now until you have forgotten the future. You are appreciating yourself, you are able to appreciate happiness, you appreciate life.

      You recalled your original self, the you who cared a lot about people around you, who cared a lot about the society, the environment. Now you are a little wiser, you know what are great in your life. You protect those things which are great, you take care of them, you do something for them, you put a lot of effort on them.

      Your past experience, up or low, beautiful or disgusting, great or worse, they have gifted you wisdom.  The wisdom leads you to the art of life. You don't really know how will your route of life be in many years later, but you are going to go through day by day, patiently and wonderfully, because your past is always there to back you up.

Proud of you!