Saturday, June 20

Academic Objectives Swayed

Regardless of whether our professors are pro-government, pro-opposition, or independent, how many of them actually set out to reform the people around them? To help those in need?

When academicians write about poverty, urban transportation, liberty, Maqasid Shariah, the theory of economic growth, or political issues, do they want to make a change or is it just another research paper to be published?

“The gap between the policy designers and implementers strike at the reality of practice”
“Philosophy should be taught at every faculty!”
“Are we producing good men or good workers?”

Tracing it from past to present trajectory, he argued that in the new reality, universities are not driven by scholars anymore.

Rather, corporate demands assume the quintessential focus of the university today. We talk about employability of the graduates, what the industries want, and what the economy needs.

It used to be that university is not driven by market, but by the pursue of knowledge. But we are increasingly moving away from that liberal socio-cultural tradition.

“Now we are very proud to announce and showcase cooperation with foreign universities such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford or Harvard. Once upon a time, we were very proud to develop our own courses, tradition, and studies, ranging from history to Malay literature, the social sciences and humanities.”

The scholar knows something the layman doesn’t. It is hoped that he doesn’t keep that knowledge to himself and carries it to the grave, but rather, teaches it to the layman so that they both become capable of making informed decisions, political and otherwise.

When we need to ask why we should be bothered to preserve our history, the question itself reflects a genuine lack of appreciation and sense of belonging.

When we feel belonged to a bigger community, we will not think about neglecting our history because the history of a community gives meaning to its very identity.

All of the above are cited from an article titled "A plea to Universiti Malaya" by Ooi Kok Hin
Can't agree more on his view about academicians. Great views.

Thursday, June 18

The Unthoughtful Passion

At the very last it comes to an end, after two years.
But too bad it's an end full of possibilities, just like some hanging movie endings which pissed the impatient audience very much.

At least he said I am not that useless. Consolation or truth?

It's strikingly similar with the situation four years ago.
The remaining one thing in the to-do-list is to wait. That's not something very pleasant.

I wasn't so afraid, in fact I was so brave to tell everyone that it was okay.
Is it because the replacement wasn't so nasty or my world was so small?
But I think it's simply because I was so so so strong.

Actually nothing changes. Just my own perception changed.
Why can't you repeat the exactly same-you? The similar hope, the similar courage, the similar faith.
I should not forget that everything is good. Nothing is bad.

Yes I gained so much but I become so cautious.
I lost the unthoughtful passion. What for to have the sophisticated cowardice?

Everything happens for a reason. For a damn good reason.
I should relearn that.

That grey complication

Would you surrender with head held high or would you annoyingly beg for that little glory?
I don't know what should be the choice but I let my gut to take over.
It chose the former. A reckless move without any careful thoughts?
Arguably yes. Controversially no. I really don't know.

Perhaps my gut knows that I would value dignity in spite of the risks in failing.
But dignity is just a nice way of putting for the word 'ego'.
Ego did kill a lot of success.

I think I missed out the consideration on target audience. His personality.
Ignorant move.