Tuesday, August 11

Danger, very dangerous.

Am I the only one feeling so so worried about the country?
How many people are there are still just thinking about winning their own bread?

Disasters slowly creep in.
Political scandals, 1MDB, leadership vacuum, political parties' internal conflicts, DSAI is still in the jail.
Free falling economy. Ringgit that is hitting new low daily, pressure of GST, inflation and increasing living cost.
Social tensions. Racial and religious issues continue to be the most effective political weapons, and most importantly people buy it and are emotionally driven by it!
Low quality and non-transparent education system contributed to a huge stock of mediocre graduates. No skills, no international mindset, no leaderships. This is the reality of human capital and talent capacity in the country.
No more elaboration needed for some permanent problems such as crimes.
How about media freedom? Human rights? Transportation? Environmental problems? Pollution?
If those are too much, then we can completely ignore arts, humanities, literature, entertainment industries and etc.

And I suddenly recalled how the fellow vocal Malaysians reacted towards the DSAI's verdict and the implementation of GST. And it took just few months to zip their own mouth. That is pretty amazing.

How? Very complicated. Not a normal very. It's a very very.