Wednesday, December 7


*If stress is the answer for not doing things, then success will never come to you. If give up is the answer, then don't have a goal in life, you won't achieve it.

*Faith is very fair to those who worked hard.

*Do not afraid of failure, just be afraid that after you have failed for the first time, you don't believe that success will come anymore.

*There are millions of reasons that convince you to not to do a thing, but if you found one reason to do it, go for it, because you heart tells you to do so.

*The more you look down at me, the more that I want to prove to you that I can.

*Don't worry, nothing cannot be solved and through mistakes we learn and grow the most. Cheers!
Tonnes and tonnes of challenges and problems exist in life, and the true value of life is to go through them and solve them.

*GIP is not for talent gap filling, it's meant for the EP's, it is meant for leadership. We must do it, we must drive it no matter what.

*But I know there is a medicine who can cure someone who is dying, it is called 'positive mindset'.

*If you have the strong will, you can even pluck down the moon from the sky. When you are determined and passionate enough towards something, nothing can defeat you.

*You are treating yourself badly when you don't even properly do the things that you want to pursue. In life when we do something, we do the very best we can. Ask yourselves whether you have done your very best or not.

Cool. My values and determination in life were really unreasonably strong and unshakable, as well as my firm beliefs in putting people first and treating people in the best manner that I can. 

In order to jump off the cliff and fly, you need to know how to fly, you need to believe that you can fly, you need to realise that flying is so important & urgent and you have no other choices.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to jump and fly.

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