Monday, October 31

The most beautiful thing in life

"Just go ahead and do what you want to do, we will be your back up."
You have no idea how much this little sentence means to me. It means the whole world to me, it means your whole world to me, it means you are risking your life to do something for me.

It means that when I was standing on a cliff, standing beside a hundred-metered deep pool, feeling that immense fear of dying, feeling hopeless, feeling total darkness, but you are saying that:"Dont worry, whatever happened I will save you. I will make sure you don't die, I will make sure that you will be safe, I will make sure that you will be okay."

Thanks Pua for sending me home all the way from KL when my leg was infected seriously.
Thanks Kae Sen for doing the same when I have no car to go back.
Thanks How for offering me money to buy a new laptop when mine was stolen (Which idiot would fucking do that?)
Thanks Lk for being the one that fucking care about all of us as if our lives are even more important than his.
Thanks Kei Yaik for dragging his partially sick body to send me to clinic when I was having a dying fever. I guess he is the one that will be supporting me even when the world is opposing what I am doing.
Thanks Jih Xian for always being the first one to show concerns and care when I was having problem. If there is a best role model friend award, he is definitely the winner without any doubt.
Thanks Jessy for being the one that never second-guess and hold strong & firm beliefs on our friendship, despite the many conflicts and contradictions that appeared due to the stark difference between us
Thanks Siva for being the one who supports despite not understanding what I am going through, and always being the one that put others before yourself.
Thanks Jodia for always being the one who shows extraordinary care and support when I need, during my convocation, and giving me phone call when I was having problems
Thanks Poh & Jeffery for always telling me that they are ready to lend me money without interest at anytime when I have dire needs
Thanks Jia Herng for your "We will be your back up."
Thanks Hoe Yen for giving all the annoying but warm calls.
Thanks Liang for hosting me in 5-star hotel when I was broke in Thailand.

And many more. Those who paid effort to search for me when I was reported 'missing' in UM campus. Those who paid effort for my many wonderful birthdays in the past few years. Those who treated me very very well.

I have no siblings. But many of you are like real brothers and sisters to me. Without you I will be nobody today, I might still be that low-confident guy who forever not daring to do things that I want, I might have crashed in any of the misfortunes. I might have committed suicide in the past hopeless two years.

If me myself is a main character in my own movie, many of you are like the important protagonists that saved the life of the main character over and over again.

I wish that one day I will be able to gather all of you in one occasion, so that I can thank, appreciate and give a hug to each of you. I will find a moment to do that.

I wish that in a parallel world each of us would be growing tremendously together, getting eternal happiness and success together.

Simon Sinek interviewed the army troops of America who went to fight for wars in Afghanistan. In one of the wars, there was an army ran into the bombing areas intended to save his comrades, despite the fact that the bombs will be detonated anytime and he would die anytime. He would be totally safe if he chose to run back to the army base instead of running back to the bombing areas.

Simon asked him: "Why did you do so? Why would you risk your lives to save them?"
The army answered: " Because they would definitely do the same for me."

I will do the same for many of you. Thank you. Really Thanks.

And for now, let me be emotional to write this post to express my gratitude, so that I will be able to come back here when I am once again lost while hustling for life, so that I will be able to remember to remember, remember that the number one essence of life is love and care, remember that it was love and care that molded me to become who I am.

Achievements and people are BOTH EQUALLY IMPORTANT. I want both, I will never settle for less.
Now, let's do all the shits together!