Thursday, July 13

Too bad I am bad in common sense.

The silliest thing about human being:
* Every single inferior is fear of superior
* Every single superior thinks he/she is above of the inferior

People called it "The common sense". And they think this is how the world should be ran.

The scarier truth is, if we do the opposite, the world will be so much more richer and better. 
* An inferior who constantly challenges and questions the superior will only make the superior see him/her as an impressive non-confirmist that challenges status quo
* A superior who constantly presents himself humbly and even admitted himself as inferior will only make the inferiors respect, adore or even idolise him/her more. 
And both of the above are only benefits to the individuals, there is a hidden astronomical benefit behind:
Real meritocracy in practice. The chain effect is the crazy profits and unimaginable growth for the company and business. When people forget about hierarchy and statuses, they can only put everything into producing the best work. Real wealth creation in practice.

And there will only be more and more people disagreeing with me, dismissing me as idealistic, and trying to 'teach' me 'the right social tactics'. All of these are based on the horrendous humans' animalistic nature: our egos, our biases of thinking we are better than others, our defensive mechanisms against new challenges, our fear, our beliefs that older and bigger means better, our fallibility in identifying what is truth, our erroneous thinking that threats for inferiors and sycophancy for the superiors are the way. 

Ass-kissing is tempting because it brings short term results hastily, and you attract bottlenecks very soon as well.
Threat is the fastest way to make people conform to you, and soon too it invites destructive rebellion.

Thank God I am bad in common sense.
Fuck common sense. 

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